18. maí 2023

The latest news from Iceland's startup scene


A Reykjavík Science City recap

Iceland has emerged as a vibrant startup community thanks to its high rate of digitization, adaptability, and commitment to using technology for the greater good. The EU Startups has identified ten exceptional startups emerging from the ecosystem, all established after 2018. From CO2 injection at a geothermal plant to groundbreaking biopharmaceuticals, Iceland is rapidly becoming a hub for innovation and progress.

In addition, the Icelandic Startup and VC ecosystem has broken records, with higher investment in startup companies in 2022. From fintech to gaming companies, Iceland is attracting interest in various sectors.

Iceland's upcoming Innovation Week (May 23-26) is a terrific opportunity to see and hear about the wealth of innovative solutions in person. Iceland's entrepreneurial ecosystem is poised to continue its growth trajectory with incentives for startups worldwide to "get their boots on the ground" in Iceland. 

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Reykjavik Science City Recap

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